Zoo offers digital adoptions


UTICA — As the Utica Zoo develops new ways for the community to enjoy the Zoo digitally, it has also developed a new method for people to support the zoo — a digital animal adoption program.

The program allows animal lovers to show their support and symbolically adopt one of the more than 200 animals who call the zoo home. Adoptions are available in a variety of support levels and directly help the staff at the zoo continue to provide the same care for their animals as they normally would and goes towards food, supplements, vitamins, enrichment, exhibit maintenance, or anything the animals may need to be healthy and happy.

Adopters will receive a certificate of adoption, a fact sheet about their adopted animal, a social media graphic to let your friends know you adopted, recognition in ZooNews, the Zoo’s newsletter, as well as additional thank you gifts for higher level adoptions. Digital adoptions start at $30. More information about Digital Animal Adoption can be found at www.UticaZoo.org/adopt.

The animals the zoo is offering are: Red Panda, African Lion, Bactrian Camel, Sea Lions, Mexican Wolf, Hyacinth Macaw, Alpaca, White-handed Gibbon, Cotton Top Tamarin, Pallas’s Cat, Salmon-Creasted Cockaoo and Chinese Alligator.

A certified non-profit organization, the Utica Zoo relies on admissions, events, programming, and other means to survive.


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