Writer has questions about Oriskany firehouse project


I’m a longtime resident of this little village called Oriskany, New York. Been here for 60 years and have seen a lot of things happen in this village of 1,400 people. Taxpayers and village board are being left out of this multimillion-dollar fire station project.

Oriskany Fire Department has not been contacting any of the board members or mayor and any of the codes departments, the people we elected to protect taxpayers’ interest but apparently we don’t matter so I’m told.

Someone let the fox into the hen house while taxpayers weren’t looking but got caught on the way out (the fire department}.

Struggling parens, single moms, single dads, work two jobs each so we can pay mortgages, taxes, food gas enough to go back and forth to work and hope to try and save some money for our children’s college educations. The seniors make a choice between buying food medications, medical insurance, gas/electric car insurance. Some of us take on a job to live and should be enjoying these so-called golden years of retirement which a multimillion fire house would just put a big burden to taxpayers and the total effect its going to have on the village.

None of the chiefs seem to know what this building will cost but they think they can raise monies by fundraiser grants that’s is not going to cost the taxpayers anything.

Taxpayers are asked to buy ticket grants. The bigger the building the more insurance will cost. Gas/electric will more likely triple  and the water sewage bill will also go up so you see taxpayers of Oriskany not only the cost of building that will cost now but the future even gets worse. Oriskany Fire Department’s not thinking of you, the village board or the taxpayers.

— Patrick Lasher, Oriskany


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