Williams to run in NY-22


AUBURN — Brandon Williams, a Republican, has announced he will continue to his grassroots campaign for the state’s 22nd Congressional District. Williams began his campaign in February, centered on Onondaga County.

In just a few weeks of entering the race, Williams said he established an organization of volunteers, raised more than $100,000, and won the endorsement of the state Conservative Party.

With the court ordered redistricting maps, Williams has “reaffirmed his commitment to serve the people of Central New York in the 22nd district. Williams has established strong grassroots support throughout Onondaga and Madison counties and is expanding his message of conservative Republican leadership into Oneida County,” his announcement said.

“As a business owner, U.S. Navy nuclear submarine officer veteran, and agriculture entrepreneur, Williams brings the experience and leadership that the 22nd district deserves,” Williams’ campaign announcement said.

The announcement added that Williams has already qualified for both the Republican and Conservative Parties ballot lines and will be submitting paperwork to reconfirm his candidacy before the May 31 deadline.

“Ronald Reagan turned America around through his commitment to conservative values and policies. Today’s crises require a return to common-sense policies that reduce inflation, fight crime, protect our children, and restore the God-given rights of our citizens,” Williams said. “As a military veteran, I believe America is a force for good in the world but we must have better leadership and a return to the values that made America strong.”

“Central New York is my home – it’s our home. I could not stand by any longer and watch it be mismanaged by career politicians. I am standing up to serve the people of Central New York and that is exactly what I will do as your representative. We have all the ingredients to thrive, we need a fresh perspective to guide us forward. I am that leader,” he said.


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