Why is a $1.9 trillion bill needed?


Here we go again. I am all for helping families, small businesses and restaurants struggling from the many problems caused by COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns. I only question why the need to pass a $1.9 trillion bill when it is well known that less than 10% of that behemoth goes to actual COVID-19 relief projects.

Hooray to Sen. Chuck Shumer for getting the money to our area. Only he and President Joe Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, et al, have figured out how to pay for all this. Actually, I do know what their solution is, high corporate and wealth taxes. I also know that plan is not enough, and we will all be paying higher taxes. All this pales when you look at the next round of spending and tax coming with the so-called infrastructure bill. Again, don’t accuse me of being against fixing roads and bridges; just leave out all the pork.

Along with rising gas and grocery costs, I can add high taxes to the list of uses for my stimulus check. If supporting local businesses and ordering take-out from local restaurants and dining in them when it was allowed, is hypocrisy, then so be it.

Our country is in danger from within as well as from foreign threats. Biden, Vice President Harris, Pelosi and Schumer need to get off the Trump blame train, reach across the aisle and trying working together for the good of all Americans.

— Colleen Jeroszko,
Lee Center


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