Why ignore benefits of therapeutic treatments?


Here we are starting a new year and yet the current administration has not moved forward at all in its response to dealing with COVID. President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci continue to badger and belittle the unvaccinated and everyone about wearing masks.

New cases and deaths continue among the unvaccinated as well as those fully vaccinated. Testing does not cure COVID, and vaccines are not a guarantee of not getting COVID.

I’ve had two vaccine shots and a booster, but if I were to become sick with COVID, would my doctor have access to a therapeutic treatment if he felt it appropriate? Biden and Fauci continue to ignore the benefits of therapeutic treatments, some of which involve older medicines as well as newly developed pills. People continue to die, and one epidemiologist has stated that possibly 80% of the deaths from COVID could have been prevented with the use of therapeutic treatments.

There is a saying that continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different outcome is a sign of insanity. Maybe it’s time to let real doctors and scientists deal with COVID instead of Dr. Joe and Mr. Celebrity Fauci.

— Colleen Jeroszko,
Lee Center


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