Whitestown reminding residents of buyout program


WHITESTOWN — The Town of Whitestown is reminding all applicants to the Natural Resources Conservation Service Floodplain Easement Program (Buyout Program) to respond to NRCS’ “Letter of Intent” by the May 16 deadline.

“All applicants received (Letter of Intent also known as an LOI) in mid-April. The LOI notified applicants of their appraised value and asked that they respond to NRCS within 30 days to indicate if they are willing to accept the value and continue in the program. As previously communicated to applicants, the LOI is not an official contract, but rather the ‘next step’ in the overall process. Additional steps must be completed before closings can occur,” notes a release from the town.

“The buyout program remains an incredible opportunity for many residential repetitive flood loss victims in the Village of Whitesboro to finally receive long-awaited assistance to relocate,” Town of Whitestown Supervisor Shaun J. Kaleta said in a statement, “Despite the town’s on-going mitigation efforts, which have made a positive difference, the risk of flooding and more loss will always be present. The chance to receive funding for a buyout may never come again, and the town and its many partners strongly encourage applicants to take advantage of the program and proceed to the next phase.”

The NRCS EWPP Floodplain Easement Program is part of an on-going effort to implement the improvements needed to alleviate flooding along the lower Sauquoit Creek in Whitestown and Whitesboro.

As part of the NRCS EWPP Floodplain Easement Program, the buyout of a participating property owner’s property is achieved by NRCS purchasing both a floodplain easement and the structures (house) within the easement area; and the Town of Whitestown, as project sponsor, purchasing the remaining fee title (land). 

“Upon receipt of all the responses to the LOI, NRCS-NY will complete an analysis to determine if the properties of those applicants who indicated they are willing to accept the appraised value will successfully achieve the purpose of the Floodplain Easement Program. Both NRCS and the Town of Whitestown remain committed to ensuring the program is successful and allows as many applicants as possible to relocate,” a release continues.

For more information, contact Kaleta at 315-736-1131 or: supervisor@whitestown.net


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