When life is hard, who gives you strength?


When life is hard, who gives you strength? Or do you stand alone?  

It is too easy to live and work on our own – in our DIY (‘do-it-yourself’) world.  Frank Sinatra made popular the song, ‘I Did It My Way.’  Many have tried … and not found it easy.  

A recent post on LinkedIn noted that 60% of business start-ups fail even though many are well funded.

There is a legend from Japan that holds an important truth for us today.  Mori Takamoto, a feudal lord, gave each of his sons an arrow and told them to break the arrows.  Each did so easily.  

The father then gave them each three arrows and told them to break the three held together. One arrow could be broken with a snap, but three arrows held together were impossible to break.  To this, the father instructed his sons, ‘You will need each other.  You need to learn how to work together for the benefit of the clan.’

Many years earlier, an OT writer declared:

Two people are better than one, because they get more done by working together. (because) … a rope that is woven of three strands is hard to break. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

What are the three strands in your life that give you strength?  What or who keeps you from breaking in a snap?  

The best way to gain grit in testing is in a shared life – open vulnerability with God and with others.  Ministry – it’s all about relationships. Think about it!


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