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Western News: June 22 to 28

Mary Centro, Boonville Herald columnist
Posted 6/24/22

The Town of Western Library trustees cordially invite you and your family to attend the library open house starting at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 9.

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Western News: June 22 to 28


The Town of Western Library trustees cordially invite you and your family to attend the library open house starting at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 9. This will be a good time to get to know your library and see the recent renovations and upgraded computer lab. As you leave the building, you can browse the craft show and maybe start your Christmas shopping.

Did you get a chance to see the beautiful Strawberry Full Moon last week, when the clouds moved around just enough to see the orb? Our ancestors kept track of the cycles of the moon, to know when to tend to the crops or harvest them; example Strawberry Moon, Harvest Moon, and others. This is the time of year the strawberries start to ripen. We are more fortunate than our ancestors who probably did not have cultivated plants. They might have to look for wild strawberries whose fruit was smaller. Just think, we can stop at a roadside stand or visit a farm to pick a couple quarts of those large, luscious berries. If you are lucky to find a jar of wild strawberry jam, grab it, for there is nothing like the taste of those wild berries.

Our sympathy goes out to Bob and Carol Bidwell on the passing of their son, James, who had suffered medical issues over the years. He often visited his parents at their home on the lake; his impromptu visits would always brighten their day. James will be missed by his family and friends.

Illusionist Leon Etienne will be back for a presentation at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Aug. 17, at the Town Park, south end of Main Street, Westernville. More information will be available as plans are finalized.

Do you remember when your mother would say, “Eat your beets, they are good for you.” She probably did not know she was ahead of her time. Nowadays, beet supplements are advertised on television, magazines, and the Internet. They are telling us that beets in pill or gummy form can boost your energy and stamina, and also aid in digestion, help fight inflammation, support heart and brain health. Since beets were not on our hit parade of things we wanted to eat, how much of that deep red veggie did we push aside. Oh, if we had only known.

Since the new bird feeder is supposed to be squirrel and chipmunk proof, not much seed falls on the ground, so some sunflower seeds are tossed on the ground for birds that are ground feeders. Last week, that pesky chipmunk thought all the seed was just for him. Well, the mourning doves did not want to share and chased it away. The next thing I noticed, the chipmunk was hanging off to the side, when suddenly it charged at the dove, knocking it over. It got more than it bargained for, for the angry bird started dive-bombing the critter, with another dove joining the game, until the chipmunk retreated to the tall grass.

Speaking of grass, have you noticed how green the trees, grass and weeds are this year, and how fast your lawn is growing every week. Seems like we spend a lot of time on that old mower. There is also an abundance of wild flowers with their fragrance drifting on the light breeze for all to enjoy.

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