We’re left empty handed


Fifty Senate Republicans and two Senate Democrats are the reason why the Senate went on recess without passing the Build Back Better Act and Freedom to Vote Act. We’re left empty handed! It’s unacceptable that these Senators are putting themselves first instead of the people they represent. While teachers and students continued to work this week leading up to Christmas, these senators said bye-bye.

People like you and me have been asking our senators all year to deliver results on affordable care, climate action, housing, and money in working families’ pockets. This is what Build Back Better will do for us, which benefits all of America including central New York. We’ve been asking that every vote counts in free, fair, and secure elections because Republican state legislatures are passing bills to make it harder for people to vote. That’s what the Freedom to Vote Act will do, and again, all of us benefit when our voices are heard through our votes.

Thankfully Senator Charles Schumer has come out forcefully this week saying that both pieces of legislation will be taken up for a vote in January. Let’s hope the obstruction by these 52 self-centered politicians comes to an end and President Biden is able to sign them into law. If you haven’t already called Sen. Schumer’s office, please do so today.

— Sarah Reeske, Clinton


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