We need to support the police


Judy Jerome’s opinion letter of May 8, 2021 stated that the trial of Derek Chauvin for killing George Floyd has had a negative effect on her opinion of all law enforcement officers. I certainly agree that it was a sickening crime that never should have happened, and Chauvin deserves whatever sentence he receives.

That said I would like to point out that judging all law enforcement officers by Chauvin’s actions is wrong. Every profession has bad actors, and generalities are always wrong.

In 2020 264 officers were killed in the line of duty according to Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Just in the first two months of 2021 eleven officers have been fatally shot according to foxnews.com. They have been ambushed, shot point blank, and in any manner that the suspects could take advantage of. Sadly we don’t hear much about that.

All lives are valuable and should be respected. Law enforcement is a profession that we cannot do without which is being proven in cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland and many others as their crime rates soar as they defund police. Some are starting to rethink that decision already.

In full disclosure I will state that my late husband was a police officer in Rome from 1967-1988, but my beliefs would be the same regardless. I think the Rome PD is doing a good job of making changes in keeping with the new climate of law enforcement. I’m sure that in her time of need she will dial 911 and be happy to see an officer at her door. We need to support the police.

— Marye Ann Harris, Rome 


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