We must act to save our democracy


I’m having difficulty believing the Christmas message of hope, peace and love while our very way of life is under assault. By one of our political parties, no less.

The January 6 violent insurrection almost prevented, for the first time, our peaceful transfer of power. Local election officials suffered violence with death threats against them and their families. It’s past time that Republicans do some soul searching. Meanwhile, how have they responded?

Based on the Big Lie of a stolen election and under the guise of “election integrity” Republican state legislatures have passed minority voter suppression laws in swing states. More outrageous, 14 state legislatures introduced, and three passed, legislation stripping authority from election boards and allowing themselves to overturn election results.

What can we do to save our democracy for which so many have fought and died? We must begin by now calling Sens. Chuck Schumer’s and Kirsten Gillibrand’s offices, and voice our strong support for the Freedom to Vote Bill and the John Lewis Voting Act. In this time of the Christmas message, we must not lose sight of the fact that our democracy is in grave peril.

— Richard Meili, Waterville


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