We each must be thinking and well informed


I disagree with the Sentinel’s 12-30-20 lead editorial: “Thoughts on collectivism.”

Its following points summarize my understanding of it:

Collectivists want to control compliance, including generating fear for non-compliance.

Collectivists will not allow “Demonstrably provable” events to be disseminated.

Collectivists do not want people to think.

Its author proposes another collectivist dogma that has the same desires. This “New Collectivism” dogma offers examples of government ideas that we all should accept. These examples are “Demonstrably Provable” ideas, but are false.

Election Fraud. Every attempt to prove election fraud has been rejected by bipartisan state and local officials, and courts at every level.

Systemic Racism Allegations. One need only look at the structure of business and industry to see that society doesn’t allow non-white Americans to be prepared to compete well enough to succeed.

Double Standard of law application. Here again, poorer educational quality for all citizens creates a lower class that often resorts to crime.

Constitution Suppression. The administration’s constant election fraud assertions are an example of its continual assault on the Constitution.

Mask Mandates with no proof of efficacy. Throughout the world, and here in the USA, non-mask-wearing has caused Covid-19 transmission to soar.

Scarce medicine allocation by unscientific social views. The present administration continually dismisses the advice of respected scientific authorities.

Unnecessary lockdowns. Throughout the world, and here in the USA, the relaxing of lockdowns has caused Covid-19 transmission to soar.

As stated in the last two paragraphs of the article, the author’s “New Collectivism” is trying to “herd citizens” to do its bidding. It is as “subversive” as the collectivism being castigated.

We each must be thinking and well informed, to reject this new, and any, collectivism dogma and create a fair society.

— David Kobernuss, Taberg


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