We don’t need more uncontrolled concealed guns in New York


Rep. Claudia Tenney has co-sponsored legislation which would allow a concealed weapon carrier from another state to bring and conceal the gun in New York. The new talking point is this is no different than a New Jersey licensed driver operating a car in New Yorrk. Really? We can see a car. We can avoid a car. A car can be monitored by law enforcement. A concealed weapon is not seen or monitored and can’t be avoided.

More uncontrolled unknown concealed guns in New York — what could possibly go wrong? Well, a 40-cal Glock hidden under the seat in a locked unattended truck could be stolen and used less than three weeks later in a shoot-out that leaves two men dead and one shot in the back. Sound familiar? That happened in 2000 in Syracuse with co-sponsor Congressman John Katko’s government-issued 40-cal Glock.

This legislation and the rationale are scary and threatening. My background? I am a centrist who obtained his concealed weapon permit in 1975, served 20 years in the military and own handguns, shotguns and rifles. I hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

— Gerald H. Taylor, Canastota


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