We cannot allow attempts at censure to continue unanswered


I don’t know about you, but I remember an era, not that long ago, when books were banned. We were forced to find secretive ways to read books like “Catcher in the Rye” and “Soul on Ice.” For most of us and our children those days were thought to be a memory. Now we and especially our grandchildren are faced with the same, if not greater, attempts at censorship in the name of protecting them from the content. Is this protection or an attempt to leave our future generations ignorant of reality?

Across America vocal groups and politicians want to dictate what books our schools and libraries have on their shelves. This blatant attempt to erase and rewrite history is bullying of the highest order. No group, no matter how well intentioned, should limit open access to reading materials.

We cannot allow these attempts at censure to continue unanswered. Please join me in responding to this threat to our schools and libraries. Buy these books. Support your local libraries. Attend school board meetings and consider a run for an open school board seat this spring. Nothing is more important than legitimate access to reading materials of our own choice.

To quote Ray Bradbury; “Without books what do we have. We have no past and no future!”

— Regina Kekis, Rome


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