Voters need to choose: Cast a ballot in November


The Sentinel’s “Thoughts on the Character of Elections” got some things right, but not the bottom line.

Voters did elect Donald Trump by his victory in the electoral college, but he lost the popular vote by over 3 million votes. While many were initially hopeful he would drain the swamp in Washington, a majority have been dismayed by his lack of effectiveness. His cabinet and staff have had some the most egregious ethics violations in history – and hence the highest turnover – of any American administration. He has attacked our institutions and shows no regard for the rule of law. 

I believe the Sentinel is correct in regard to the competition NY’s 22nd District — the real issue is not the individual character of Anthony Brindisi or Claudia Tenney. Both are fine individuals who can represent the interests of the 22nd District. The issue is that only one — Anthony Brindisi — could function as a check on the malfeasance of the Executive Branch. Unless the Democrats take the House, there will be no serious efforts to keep the Trump Administration in line.

Voters need to choose. Here again the Sentinel got it right. Please, please vote this November.

— Mike Corbett, Rome


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