Violating the peaceful transition of power


We’re experiencing our Founding Fathers’ greatest apprehension, namely demagogues who obtain power by appealing to prejudice, insecurity and fear. At the Constitutional Convention, Elbridge Gerry characterized demagogues as “pretend patriots” who are “the greatest pests of government.” Alexander Hamilton warned of a foreboding decline from demagoguery to tyranny. Fast forward to 2020 Trumpism and its Republican enablers.

They repeatedly claim affidavits and statements certified under oath supposedly expose massive election fraud. But where are they? Over 50 filings, in Republican and Democratic appointed state and federal courts, have been dismissed because not a single piece of evidence was presented. Even the Supreme Court, with Trump’s three hand-picked conservative justices, refused to hear the Texas attorney general’s last-ditch effort to overturn officially certified election results by disenfranchising millions of swing states voters.

Like an infant in his bedroom throwing a temper tantrum because he can’t have his own way, we have a petulant, self-absorbed egotist holed up in the White House -- or golfing at Mar-a-Lago -- because he can’t accept fair election results. Instead of confronting a pandemic, declining economy and now perhaps our greatest cybersecurity attack, he’s trashing our democracy by violating our hallowed peaceful transition of power.

— Richard Meili, Waterville


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