Video series tells story of ‘The Woman at the Well’


“The Woman at the Well,” the newest part of the “The Journey-Shepherding God’s People” video series, is now available online.

The video series program and accompanying tools are designed for those feeling separated from their faith community. The series is comprised of the video time of worship, a blog and three bible studies that can be used as a Spiritual Wellness program.

“The chance encounter of the woman at the well opened a dialogue between a man and a woman, a Samaritan and a Jew – an encounter frowned upon in that era. The two did meet; a sinner and the Messiah. And they did talk. And her life changed because Jesus opened her eyes to her sinfulness and to the gifts that He offered — living water that heralds everlasting life,” Rev. Carol Jubenville, program coordinator, said.

“From one brief encounter with a stranger, her life was changed and given new purpose, as was the life of the villagers who heard her testimony.” The bible study will explore the relationship between the Samaritans and the Jews, and the cultural divide that made this encounter so unusual.

This video series is designed to bring people who are living in senior housing, assisted living, skilled nursing and those who are finding it difficult to attend church services, a sense that their faith community has not forgotten them. Viewers will be able to experience a time of worship with a meaningful message, uplifting hymns, and centering prayers.

As the organization brings “church’ into homes, the Rev. Jubenville, pastor at Oriskany Falls and Bouckville United Methodist churches, and the Rev. John Buehler, retired from St. John’s Catholic Church in Utica, will review scripture and discuss thoughtful ways in which viewers will be able to connect to their faith journey.

The videos and other content are available online at


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