Veteran laments Tenney tactics against Brindisi in 22nd District


As a World War II veteran, when I got off Honor Flight 10 last fall in Syracuse after a delightful visit to Washington, D.C., one of the first people I saw in the airport was Claudia Tenney. I have known her for ten or fifteen years. She gave me a big hug and smile, and had a picture taken of the two of us.

Fast forward to the recent notice that was sent out to her campaign workers to “…beware of the Brindisi family thugs…” Supposedly they will slash your tires and break into your house if you are one of her campaign workers. Of all the false, despicable, fear mongering lies that I have heard, these latest are the worst.

Anthony Brindisi is a friend of mine. I know him as a principled, honest, hard-working man. To stoop to such mean-spirited lies Claudia Tenney must be really afraid that Anthony will take her 22nd District Congressional seat away from her. (I hope that he does!) Obviously she has seen our president get away with lying virtually every time he opens his mouth, and has learned well from him.

Speaking of being trustworthy, some of Claudia Tenney’s campaign claims are that she will protect central New York industries. We residents of the Taberg/Camden area have not seen that claim being put into practice as we watch Harden Furniture in McConnelsville fade into obscurity with no overt efforts on her part to help. That industrial demise shows us that Tenney’s promises of the future are just as false as her admonitions to her campaign workers. I have not seen the 175 Harden workers are being offered any job re-training. Also, as the chairman of the Town of Annsville Assessment Review Board, I shudder to think of the property tax and school tax increases that will result when the Harden assessment shrinks to zero.

— David N. Kobernuss, Taberg


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