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VALLEY MUSINGS: Weatherproofing - better late than never

Donna Thompson
Sentinel columnist
Posted 1/22/23

We now have clear weatherproofing plastic covering several of our windows. It’s about time, of course.

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VALLEY MUSINGS: Weatherproofing - better late than never


We now have clear weatherproofing plastic covering several of our windows.

It’s about time, of course. Most people do this sort of thing in the fall, but I didn’t want to put plastic over the kitchen window until after Christmas; that windowsill is where we display our electric candelabra.

Of course, that doesn’t explain why we didn’t put up the plastic on some other windows last fall.

Anyway, the Christmas tree had to come down before we could access the living room window. I spent a Sunday afternoon putting tree ornaments back into boxes and the next day enlisted my next-younger sister’s help to take apart the tree.

The project took longer than usual because I wanted to find a different container to replace the battered old cardboard box that had stored the tree’s branches and base for years. We finally settled on two sturdy cardboard boxes that fit nicely into the usual storage space.

Once the tree was gone, I handed ornament boxes to my sister, who stood on the stepladder and stacked them in the hall storage cupboards.

I generally let someone else do the ladder climbing. Stepladders are OK; I just prefer to have lots of ladder in front of me and a hand free to hold onto it.

After a bit of cleaning, it was time to tackle the windows. I pulled a plastic sheet out of the box and my sister and I held it up to the window and considered how to proceed. I had tied back the drapes, but the shade and valance had to come down.

Then I served as assistant, handing my sister the double-stick tape and the scissors as she stood on the ladder and applied the tape. Then we worked to secure the plastic to the tape and stepped back to admire our work.

We could see through the plastic and the window and, all in all, it looked pretty good.

“Did you want to do the kitchen window now or wait until another day?” my sister asked.

I looked at the clock. The afternoon was slipping away, but there was still time before supper.

“Let’s do it now,” I said.

The kitchen window is a bit wider than those in the living room, as we discovered when we attempted this project last winter and had to improvise, cutting the plastic sheet, turning it sideways and piecing it together.

This time I made sure to purchase a kit made for a larger window. We had to cut it, but at least we could cover the window with a single sheet of plastic that we could easily see through.

“This really is a two-person job,” my sister commented.

I pointed out that our youngest sister had put plastic insulation over a couple of her windows one day when she was home alone one snowy day.

“But she’s younger,” I added.

We still had more plastic, so the following day we put plastic over the window on the door to the patio and on the door to my garage - no ladder needed, just a stool - and found that while we still had more plastic, we’d used up most of the tape. With more tape we could cover the rows of little windows on either side of the front door.

I made a run to the hardware store and found rolls of double-stick tape right with the product display. We cut and taped and put the plastic in place.

With all that done, hopefully the house is slightly more insulated than before. Maybe next time we’ll start the process in the fall.



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