Vacant Park Drive home gutted by fire


A vacant former four-family home on Park Drive, once part of Griffiss Air Force Base housing, was destroyed by flames early this morning and fire investigators and police are still searching for a cause.

Deputy Chief Timothy Reilly said someone passing by 626 Park Drive just before 3 a.m. noticed flames and contacted 911. Sixteen on-duty personnel responded with three engines, one aerial truck and one rescue rig and found heavy fire and smoke conditions on arrival at 3:01 a.m.

Reilly said the house is vacant, so no one was inside the structure at the time. Flames were concentrated in the center portion of the single-story wood frame residence.

Firefighters deployed a water monitor from the first engine at the scene and knocked down a large portion of the flames, Reilly said. A water supply was established from a fire hydrant about 600 feet away.

Additional crews searched two areas of the structure that weren’t burning to make sure no one was inside. Four handlines were also deployed to extinguish the blaze, the deputy chief said.

There was no electrical or gas supply to the structure. AmCare Ambulance and Rome Police also responded to the scene.

Crews remained on the scene to monitor small fires that proved difficult to quell, Reilly said. Lieutenants James Harris and Mark Guiltieri, as well as investigators from Rome Police, continue to investigate the cause of the blaze.


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Most definitely...ARSON! Especially with the undesirables that live at Park Drive.

Probably a Meth Lab. But investigators won't say that because it'll put additional tarnish on the city. Maybe kids out for a thrill. Maybe the owner, who wants some insurance. Picked a perfect night. High winds, low moisture. Fire spreads fast in that climate.

Saturday, April 27