Utica Municipal Housing Authority, rebrands, changes name to People First


UTICA — The Utica Municipal Housing Authority is rebranding and changing its name to People First, effective immediately.

The new name, People First, is a reflection of the holistic approach and practices implemented by the organization by engaging in compassionate, transformative “quality of life” services to meet the needs of the greater Utica community, the agency said in an announcement. Likewise, the name change more effectively embraces the organization’s mission of prioritizing the best interests of people first, and doing so in a people friendly, people focused, and people driven approach, the announcement added.

As Executive Director Robert R. Calli notes, “we possess a duty and responsibility, both as an organization and as fellow human beings, to enhance the quality of life of the people we serve within our community.”

People First will continue its rich history and legacy of enhancing the quality of life for our region’s most vulnerable populations, including economically challenged families, the homeless, veterans, at-risk populations, disabled community members, and elderly residents. The transition to People First represents the opportunity to be more than a “key,” by providing hope and assistance to people not only to overcome the social challenges of securing safe, clean, and affordable housing accommodations, but also overcoming other impediments, such as education, disabilities, career development, and independent living skills.

By prioritizing the needs of people, People First seeks to utilize its mission and practices as a stepping stone to encourage and challenge our residents to unlock their full potential. Under People First, the organization will better serve as a local, state, and national model for offering quality housing and personalized services that move residents and the local community at large progressively forward for the welfare and betterment of both. 

Established in 1937, the MHA of the City of Utica, New York is one of the longest tenured housing authorities within the United States. People First is proud to continue its long established heritage and reputation to offer housing and supportive services that value, prioritize, and fulfill the essential needs of the people and community we serve. As a leading example of a housing authority myopically focused on the people it serves, the name People First is a true and accurate representation of its caring roots and its commitment to each of its residents. 

For more information, visit www.PeopleFirstNY.org. For the digital media kit, visit www.PeopleFirstNY.org/Media.


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