U.S. needed to stay in Afghanistan


We have, as a country, committed a great sin against the people of Afghanistan.

By leaving Afghanistan, we have allowed evil to thrive there. The domination of the people, the lack of freedom, the slavery of women and denying them equal rights, and in general, the denial what is true for all people, the unalienable right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I disagree with the argument that it is time to end the 20-year war. What we face is a true evil in the form of terrorism. Fighting evil is a never ending battle.

We needed to maintain a presence in Afghanistan to provide support to the Afghan government and their ability to fight terrorism. I believe “nation building” is a noble cause and would have create a stable government and allow the Afghan people to appreciate their potential as a people. Our history, as a nation, is evidence of our involvement in helping other nations achieve prosperity. Look at Germany, Japan, South Korean for example.

Our country is blessed in so many ways and if we failed to use our gifts, talents, and resources to aid our fellow man, this is a great sin. Abandoning the people of Afghanistan and allowing the evil of terror to overrun their country is unforgivable.

As an American, I am deeply hurt, disappointed, and ashamed. I hold both our political and military leaders accountable and we as a people should seek forgiveness and correct this terrible wrong.

— Nick Pantazis,

Town of Western


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