Unexpected gratitude


One afternoon, on my way back to work, I was stopped at an intersection when a beat-up pickup truck pulled up next to me. I locked eyes with the driver. Guy was staring at me, signaling to roll my window down. I did. Slowly.

He says “You a doctor?” He must have seen my MD plates as he rolled up. I said, “Yes!” I smiled and waited with bated breath at what he will say next. He says “Thank you for what you do. You guys are out there fighting this COVID. You’re awesome!”

I think I squealed a “Thank you!” past the lump in my throat. I smiled as I passed him as the light turned green, thinking that was really good to hear. We rarely hear stuff like that. It really made my day. Probably my week. After seeing incidents of Asians being verbally or physically assaulted just for being Asians, this beautiful statement of gratitude and appreciation floored me.

Thank your doctors and other healthcare providers. Especially those at the front lines of this battle. We’re not superheroes but comments like that make us feel stronger to keep up the fight. Until we beat this pandemic!

— Emerita A. Pizarro, MD, Utica


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