Trump is right to uphold immigration law


I take issue with recent comments made by a letter writer concerning the election of our president.

On the issue of being hopeful upon his election to drain the swamp: Environmentally a swamp does not suddenly appear, it has been accumulating for decades with administrations of both parties.

As far as President Trump’s turnover of his administration, you must realize that in any business or organization, people are chosen or elected on their obvious merits. As time runs along ineffectiveness in their job role begins to appear. This happens in the real world of business and is effectively dealt with by the employer or supervisor.

On comments about his attacking our institutions and showing no regard for the rule of law, I take great issue with that. Illegal immigration is the law, that you cannot come into our country illegally.

My dad tried it in the 1920s and was sent back to Germany, coming back legally and becoming a citizen.

How can you say the real issue is not the individual character of any candidate? It is the basis for all other traits, i.e., trustworthy, honest, dependable etc.

What line are you trying to indicate that the Trump administration needs to adhere to? Republicans did not vote for Obama but we did not riot or say despicable things. New York State primarily has been dominated by Democrats.

The results: High taxes, deteriorating roads, bridges, citizens leaving for other states. I’d say the Democrats’ record shows why not to vote Democratic. I’m mature enough to change parties if I could not support the one I’m registered in. Be American.

—Ilene Sidoran, Camden


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