Trailer thefts are ‘devastating’


The reason my letter is being submitted is that recently my research indicated a trailer was stolen last weekend in the city of Oneida. It was a large, gray trailer and its contents were stolen from Fitch Street, and police are asking for your help.

This loss is devastating and heartbreaking.

What is even disturbing is that the trailer with construction equipment will probably not be found because less than 1% are.

So, to the readers of this newspaper, our government is “asleep at the wheel,” and suppresses people like myself who are desperately trying to address why over 1,800 trailers nationwide are being stolen weekly.

We have 14 states in America where you never register these trailers, which makes it impossible for law enforcement to perform a “probable cause stolen.” Any trailer in these states could be stolen: no registration and no vehicle identification numbers are mandated.

The cost to replace an average trailer is $8,000 like this and if you add construction equipment or personal items inside it can be thousands and thousands more.

Stolen trailers are a profit center, and according to the 2020 FBI Violent Crimes statistics the average lost in a bank robbery is about $4,213, which is less than the value of the trailer stolen.

Imagine if the trailer was an expensive camper, or contained the tools and equipment for a major construction job. Our data proves that if a stolen trailer with contents valued with over $100,000, it would take 23.7 average bank robberies to match the value taken in just one instance.

Members of government in places like your state, the No. 9 state for trailer theft, have dismissed our concerns, and we just proved that robbing a trailer is more of a profit center than robbing a bank.

— Ron J. Melancon, Glen Allen, Va.

Editor’s note: Melancon is president of stolentrailers. He founded Dangerous Trailers, a grassroots organization to develop and promote uniform standards and inspection laws nationwide for trailers towed by motor vehicles, according to the Richmond (Va.) Free Press.


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