LETTER: Tough restrictions already in place for gun ranges


As an NRA certified instructor, after reading the article in the Daily Sentinel about an ordinance proposed by Utica Councilwoman Celeste Friend, I find it is clear Ms. Friend doesn’t know anything about firearms, firearm safety or ranges either indoor or outdoor. As I read the restrictions that Ms. Friend wants to place on “indoor gun ranges,” there would be no place in the City of Utica where such a facility could be built. It seems that this is her true aim. 

Clearly, she has no idea what it takes to build an indoor range and the restrictions already in place from a variety of federal and state agencies. Lawrence Zegarelli pointed out these already rather stringent regulations and restrictions are already in place. One of the safest places in the world would be an indoor firearms range.

First, the building is soundproof! Second there are no windows that a bullet could possibly exit endangering anyone. Ranges are constructed so there are “bullet traps” preventing projectiles from exiting the building. The walls on each side are constructed so bullets cannot exit the building either. As pointed out by Mr. Zegrelli, exhaust fans prevent air from becoming fouled either inside or out (there are filters to prevent this) and the EPA as well as DEC monitors such to insure compliance. 

No person not a pistol permit holder could be allowed to fire on such a range. It would be inane for a non-permit holder to even attempt to fire at the range as his permit would be scrutinized by range staff. 

“Danger” to the neighborhood? What danger? It would be one of the safest if not THE SAFEST place in the entire city with all the legal pistol permit holders frequenting the neighborhood. No one would attempt to try any thing with all those legally owned firearms around. I fail to see the problem to a hospital, school, “youth recreation center”, or any other location in the city. Is she attempting to make Utica a “gun free zone”? These kinds of objections are inane, and attempt to instill fear.

— Walter E. Beverly III, Rome


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