LETTER: Time to end human carnage


My letter concerns gun control in America. I am a retired English Language Arts teacher who often helped students improve their writing skills.

I sometimes used a technique called “I like and I wonder” to identify things I liked and those I wondered about in their writing. It often helped the students clarify their thoughts and improve their writing.

Using this technique, I have been thinking about the problem that guns are causing in our society. At first, I couldn’t think of anything I “like” about this situation. However, digging deeper, I realized that I do like the fact that numerous polls show that the majority of Americans favor stricter gun care and possession laws.

“I wonders” are many but I will just mention one of the most important ones here. I wonder why any elected official in America would refuse to adopt laws to help stop mass shootings. This fall, please go to the polls and vote for candidates who support legislation that will help end human carnage due to existing dangerous gun policies.

— Kay Skjellerup, Boonville


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