‘Tiger Woods Surgery’ available in Rome


The Tiger Woods minimally invasive spine surgery using Centinel Spine’s STALIF M-Ti fusion implant that allowed Woods to complete his PGA Tour comeback after almost three years of golf inactivity, is now available at Rome Memorial Hospital.

The Director of Neurosciences at Rome Memorial Hospital, Dr. Nicholas Qandah, a board certified neurosurgeon and Board Certified General Surgeon Dr. Keneth Hall collaborate to perform the state of the art spinal fusion surgery, which requires the expertise of both a general surgeon and a neurologic surgeon.

The surgery involves implanting a state of the art product into the spinal column to alleviate back pain due to disc deterioration and spinal compression in the lower back. The doctors create a minimally invasive access to the spinal column through a small incision in the abdomen to perform the delicate surgery.

“Working with Dr. Qandah is a pleasure as we share the same attention to detail, work ethic and professionalism,” said Dr. Hall. “Besides that, his skill set is unsurpassed and I would allow him to operate on me or my family. I’m very proud that we could collaborate in this fashion to offer this well needed service to the community.”

Dr. Qandah regularly collaborates with surgical colleagues throughout the region to provide patients with access to state of the art surgeries which would otherwise require them to travel long distances. “It is important that we bring this level of care to the region,” said Dr. Qandah. “Dr. Hall’s expertise and aptitude is unsurpassed, and his attention to detail is seen in his patient outcomes.”

The pair teamed up to perform the surgery at Rome hospital, the first facility to offer the life-changing surgery within 200 miles.

The surgery is named for Woods, who underwent spinal fusion surgery using this specialized product in April 2017 to alleviate ongoing, debilitating pain in his back and legs. The Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) surgery was so successful that it allowed him to complete his PGA Tour comeback after almost three years of golf inactivity, culminating with his April win at the 83rd Masters—his first major win in 11 years.

“The surgery involves the implantation and fusion of the specialized Centinel Spine product which provides relief from mechanical pain by stabilizing the spine,” Dr. Qandah explained. “The device also includes a spacer which replaces lost disc tissue, which creates space and restores optimal conditions for the spine to function properly.”

“Patients will probably not be able to become a PGA tour winner because of this surgery,” Dr Qandah continued. “The goal however is to return our patients to normal activity and help them live their lives without back pain.”

Tiger Woods’ recovery and return to the pinnacle of the PGA Tour has been nothing short of miraculous. “I’m a walking miracle,” said Woods after his 2017 surgery. “I had low periods for 4-6 months, where there were times I had to be helped out of bed. There were some days when I couldn’t stand up. Coming back and playing golf was never in my thoughts, I just wanted the pain to go away—I wanted to live my life again with Sam and Charlie. The results of the surgery speak for themselves. I did a lot of research into the various spinal surgical procedures available to me and was convinced that surgery through an anterior approach represented the best option. I have regained my life, and playing golf again at this level, is just an added bonus. My surgery has had a profound impact on me and my family, and I thank my spine surgeon and the technology provided by Centinel Spine.”

Qandah is director of Neurosciences at Rome Memorial Hospital and performs procedures in Rome as well as several other hospitals across the region. He has offices in Rome at Chestnut Commons, 107 E. Chestnut St., Suite 105 and New Hartford at 83 Genesee St. For more information, call 315-356-7780.

Hall is a hernia specialist at Rome Medical Practice and the medical director of the Regional Center for Wound Care at Rome Memorial Hospital. His office is located at 267 Avery Lane, Suite 300, at the Griffiss Business & Technology Park. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Rome Medical Practice Surgical Services at Griffiss, call 315-356-7770.


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