Three corrections officers injured by inmate attack at Mid-State Correctional Facility


MARCY — A day after a female officer was attacked at Mid-State Correctional Facility, three more officers were injured after an inmate attacked them at the medium security correctional facility last week.  

On Friday, Nov. 19, an inmate was being verbally abusive to an officer inside one of the housing dorms. The officer ordered the inmate to stop yelling, but he refused and approached the officer in a threatening manner with both fists clenched.

The inmate then picked up a chair from the dorm and was threatening to throw it at the officer. The officer backed up and administered one application of OC Spray, which had no effect.

The inmate threw the chair at the officer, which he blocked with his arm.

The inmate then lunged at the officer and began striking him multiple times in the face, head and body, knocking him backwards. Another officer heard the commotion and called for a staff response. When staff arrived,  they observed the inmate still attacking the officer.

OC Spray was administered again with no effect. The inmate was grabbed in body holds and forced to the ground. Still combative and fighting on the ground, staff were able to get the inmate’s arms behind his back and apply handcuffs to his wrists. Once in handcuffs, he became compliant. 

The inmate was removed from the dorm and placed in a Special Housing Unit pending disciplinary charges. He is serving a seven-year sentence after being convicted in 2017 in Schenectady County for robbery.  

The officer who was attacked sustained right wrist and hand pain, swelling to the right side of the face and eye. He was treated by facility medical staff and remained on duty.  

Two officers who responded to the attack sustained injuries to the left knee, a minor laceration to hand, and abrasions to the face and arms. Both officers were treated by facility medical staff and remained on duty. 

The attacked occurred less than 24 hours after a female officer sustained a broken nose and two lacerations after an inmate violently attacked her while she was making routine rounds at the facility.   

“Another day, another vicious unprovoked attack on staff by a violent inmate. As several officers are recovering from last Thursday’s attack, we now have another three officers with injuries sustained at the hands of convicted felon. Yet, as we pray for a quick recovery for all the victims, we hear nothing from DOCCS on the continued violence,” said Bryan Hluska, NYSCOPBA Central Region Vice President.

“This situation hasn’t developed overnight, as they might want you to believe,” Hluska said.

“The attacks have been going on for years with no real action taken, just lip service from the administration,” the NYSCOPBA region vice president said, adding “As with Thursday’s attack,  this presents another opportunity for
the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute this attack and to advocate for sentences to start to run consecutively, not concurrently.”


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