Thoughts on what America stands for


The Associated Press, in its own inimitable fashion, muddled a wonderful story reported yesterday about a 97-year-old former paratrooper who had participated in the original D-Day parachute drop.

He had just completed a tandem jump at the 75th anniversary remembrance.

AP ended the story with this:

Like many other veterans, he said he remains troubled by the war.

“All the GIs suffer from same blame and shame,” [the veteran] said. “It bothers us all the time for what we did. We did a lot of destruction, damage. And we chased the Germans out, and coming back here is a matter of closure. You can close the issue now,” he said.

Blame and shame? Really? Americans didn’t want to be there. Americans didn’t want to bomb and destroy. Can anyone suggest a better way to get rid of thugs who wanted to rule the world by force?

We are not ashamed of stepping to fight for liberty and never will be. Those who are ashamed of history better get a handle on what society with others means and what you have to do to protect it.


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