Thoughts on trusting American curiosity


Americans who watch magic tricks always try to figure out how it was done, the better to protect themselves from charlatans. That curiosity is America’s last hope as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer push on compliant media yet another narrative that is unsupported by evidence.

One media outlet, CBS Sunday Morning, latched on to Pelosi’s characterization last year of the January 6 election protest at the Capitol as an “insurrection.” CBS didn’t care that, after a full year of investigation, federal authorities still haven’t evidence to charge one person with insurrection.

Along the way, prosecutors refused to provide evidence to defense attorneys and delayed court hearings. Speaker Pelosi blocked Republican leaders’ appointments to the investigation committee that subpoenaed telephone records of Republicans but not Democrats. She hid House Jan. 6 records from public examination along with some 14-16,000 hours of surveillance videos.

Meanwhile, authorities have not investigated who the instigators were that removed barricades in front of sections of the Capitol or the other instigators that videos show urged people to enter as some Capitol Police peacefully invited people in.

Videos also show individuals that, although they’re on the FBI “Most Wanted list,” they have not been actively pursued or arrested, suggesting they may have been FBI informants and participants.

Recent reports indicate the FBI may have had days of advance notice of the incursion, puncturing the narrative that Capitol authorities were blindsided by the attack.

More significantly, CBS has used magician-like misdirection to deflect viewers from examining 2020 election processes to assure they were solid, constitutional, and resistant to abuse. CBS pivoted from “false claims the election was stolen” to “challenging the integrity of the election is an assault on democracy,” pushing the Democrat line that there was no “widespread election fraud.”

Widespread fraud doesn’t matter if key precincts were manipulated. The ability to audit votes after an election is essential, and proper investigations were derailed during and after the 2020 election by some of the same people CBS interviewed.

So, whose coup is this? How curious is it that, before the curious catch on, Schumer’s Democrats are in a race to remove the Senate filibuster and pass legislation to steal control of elections that the Constitution’s federalism reserves to states? In the name of “election integrity” they would undermine that integrity. Pelosi and Schumer have bet the future of the Democratic Party and their everlasting control of government on Americans not catching on.

We, in turn, have to have faith that Americans don’t believe in sleight of hand and will hold accountable tricksters in politics and the media.

— S.B. Waters 


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