Thoughts on the character of elections


The midterm election will set the character of the House of Representatives for the next two years.

Two years ago, voters elected Donald Trump rather than old party regulars to drain the  Washington swamp. Since then, entrenched officials, bureaucrats, and the national media beholden to them have tried to destroy Trump to keep their perks, power, and privileged positions.

If they have been unable to destroy Trump, they at least hoped to delay until the midterm elections, when, if they could take control of the House, they would be able to shut down investigations.

Voters know that much misbehavior has been exposed in the IRS, FBI, DOJ, House, Senate, outside contractors, and among administration officials of the previous administration.

They know such things in spite of some members of the press who were co-opted.

Just this week a judge fined the IRS for the illegal actions of Lois Learner. In the recent past, the FBI removed or let resign its director, deputy director, chief counsel, chief of staff, attorney, and deputy director of counterintelligence. In the DOJ, some officials have been demoted. It’s not over. More reports are due from the DOJ Inspector General and other federal prosecutors working with grand juries have yet to file their indictments.

The campaign for the 22nd House seat will feature an onslaught of commercials that will attempt to paint one candidate or the other has saintly or inhumane, truthful or lying. Poll results will be released to encourage or discourage voter turnout, even though many hang up on pollsters when the phone rings.

The real issue will not be the individual character of Anthony Brindisi, Claudia Tenney, or even Donald Trump. The election in the 22nd District will help set the character of the House. It will help to decide whether Americans choose to live in a country:
1) Of individuals who value community with others, or
2) Where elites mislead voters to buy control where they exercise power for their own benefit, not yours.


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