Thoughts on political retribution


It’s reassuring to see Rep. Anthony Brindisi stand up for representative democracy in the face of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ongoing attempts to subvert it.

Pelosi appears to have denied Brindisi a position on the Armed Services Committee for daring to follow through on his campaign promise to oppose her run for the speakership.

Pelosi fights rank and file Democrats for control, not the country. She may have won the speakership but, with the Democrat Party weakened by institutionalized crony capitalism, lack of integrity, disregard of the Constitution, and downright lying, it is Brindisi who fights for the party’s better future.

Before the election we opined that the election was not so much about the candidate, but how the House under Democrat leadership would be abused.

Our worry proved justified, but before the election we could not anticipate how Brindisi would stand up against it, and how new freshman Democrats would partner with good government representatives on both sides of the aisle.

The national media megaphones how the leadership of the Democrat Party is embracing big government socialism. If elections using that strategy are won, it presages economic and political disaster.

Brindisi supports a better position for Democrats and for the country. We wish him well.



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