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Thoughts on political recalibration

Posted 5/5/16

Presidential campaign results have done us a favor. Over the last long years, Democrat elites have misused “conservative” as a derogatory political epithet for anyone who disagreed with them …

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Thoughts on political recalibration


Presidential campaign results have done us a favor. Over the last long years, Democrat elites have misused “conservative” as a derogatory political epithet for anyone who disagreed with them while Republican elites have used “conservative” for cover while they, following Democrats, practiced their own brand of crony capitalism.

Campaign results show that issues matter and labels do not. Ronald Reagan said he didn’t leave the Democrat Party but rather it left him. Now Washington Republicans have to face that they left voters and Washington Democrats have to face that they left voters, too.

Neither party is dead, but both have been smacked hard enough to get their attention. People are willing to politically revolt against the destructive practices of the Washington elite of both parties to salvage America for their children.

Both parties were not serious about:

• Securing our borders and instituting a proper, sensible, balanced, safe immigration policy that would not undermine the economy or the Constitution.

• Preserving three independent branches of government.

• Appointing judges that eschewed legislating from the bench and limited themselves to interpreting law.

• Restraining all-powerful unitary executive authority.

• Reestablishing the House as the origin for all spending bills.

• Treating the Senate as an equal partner in selecting judges and administrators.

• Reducing excessive unnecessary spending.

• Reducing the tax burden on all Americans rather than their political supporters.

• Facing down rampant bureaucratic regulatory overreach.

• Punishing the IRS and EPA’s abuse of government for political advantage.

• Rebuilding a strong defensive military independent of political influence.

• Setting consistent foreign policy that encouraged liberty against aggressive foreign leaders.

• Finding and neutralizing those who would do violence to our citizens.

• Holding the United Nations accountable for its excesses, overreach, and underperformance.

• Caring for veterans’ health services.

• Returning healthcare to the cleansing efficiency of competition.

• Encouraging people to work to improve their own quality of life.

• Supporting the cleansing nature of the public marketplace.

• Allowing private business to work as the most effective job-creator.

• Encouraging trade by keeping regulations simple and open.

• Holding public/private rent-seeking cronies at bay.

• Retaining the United States as a republic of states.

• Allowing members of congress to use their best judgment as opposed to whipping them to serve party leadership.

• Turning off the spigot at the federal feeding trough.

• Treating people as individuals, not members of groups with special privileges to be wooed for their votes.

• Valuing individuals as participants in creative open conversation, economic entrepreneurs, or preservers of civil society.

•  Supporting the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

• Letting voters decide because they have misled them through government public relations campaigns to keep them ignorant of what really matters.

• Recognizing quality journalism because they tolerate the same misleading big media sycophants.

• Educating students to think for themselves or learn enough history, political theory, or economics to defend themselves against political demagoguery.

Firmly entrenched Washington Republican and Democrat elites have never been serious about understanding what constitutes a principle worth conserving and what does not. They discarded the lessons of history to substitute political narratives and noise to serve their own ends.

Whatever the party, classical liberal principles are worth conserving to oppose bankrupt politics as usual.


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