Thoughts on ongoing political shifts


What was striking about the impeachment trial was it had less to do with the person in the dock and more to do with power, greed, process, control, and how much you matter.

Power—Democrats and Republican parties previously have been painted as downtrodden versus elite. It hasn’t been for generations, if it ever was. Voting shifts indicate the disadvantaged have embraced recent economic opportunity opened up for them during the years before the pandemic hit.

Greed—Globalism has been painted as tying the nations of the world together when, instead, at the expense of workers and the middle class, it has been used to increase corporate profits and remove checks and balances built to restrain political authority. No wonder big business and the political elite of both parties support it.

Process—Complex government procedures evolved ostensibly to see that stakeholder voices are heard and handled equitably, but instead they removed due process in favor of a bullying administrative system and a questionable collection of prosecutors.

Control—Politicians and the social media elite moved to put themselves in charge of a double standard for deciding what your words mean. How much you matter—You haven’t mattered in a long time. The trial ripped the Band-Aid off that wound. The House Democrat majority and a few Republicans, along with 57 Democrat and Republican senators decided that individual protections of the Constitution should be disregarded if officials can manufacture an emergency to bypass them.

Under American justice, official violations of due process are not tolerated. That’s why, after serious prosecutorial overreach, Vietnam era activist Bill Ayers, who built bombs to blow up new military recruits, went free, taunting afterwards, “Guilty as Hell; Free as a bird.” Ayers later became a Professor of Education to poison a new generation of activists trying to overturn American principles and traditions.

Powerful Democrats and Republicans in Congress are not happy with the acquittal because, aided by corporate and social media giants, they had wanted to stop a growing peaceful evolution of who supports whom in which major party. They also fed the nagging suspicion that perhaps elites abuse government more than they serve the people.

America is resilient, resourceful, intelligent, principled, flexible and ingenious. The trial has given individuals the opportunity to pause, think, discuss, laugh, look at how they judge political claims and assertions, how they gather information, and, decide what ultimately matters to their families and future.


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