Thoughts on Joe Biden’s debate meltdown


In Tuesday’s Presidential Debate, Joe Biden was the instigator. It started quietly enough. An uninterrupted answer from Trump. One from Biden. Then Biden interrupted Trump three times.

Biden’s plan of attack was to carpet-bomb the debate with a steady stream of misinformation, mischaracterization, and unsubstantiated claims, steamroller moderator Chris Wallace, deny any accusations from Trump, and belittle the President at every turn.

The plan might have worked but Trump — a Queens political streetfighter — saw Wallace lose control, and stepped in to challenge Biden whenever he tried to lob a news allegation of fake news. There were so many.

Here are some critiques Wallace might have used to rein in Biden:

“The American people have a right to have a say when they vote for Senators or president.” — Mr. Biden, the people had the same say when they elected Trump president.

“What’s at stake is Affordable Care Act that would strip 20 million people from having coverage.” — Mr. Biden, other healthcare structures have been proposed but can’t get considered by House Democrats.

“100 million people with pre-existing conditions” — Mr. Biden there aren’t 100 million with pre-existing conditions.

“He has already cost health care because of the recession.” — Mr. Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats have held healthcare captive in their fortress.

“The president has no [COVID] plan. He knew it was a deadly disease.” — Mr. Biden, Trump mobilized an entire country—government, military, civilian, and private industry and told Americans last March how deadly the disease is.

“Riots. Chaos. He doesn’t want to calm things down.” — Mr. Biden, Trump offered federal assistance the often was refused by Democrats and that, when asked for, worked successfully.

In other ways, Biden tried to provoke Trump with unfounded, inflammatory accusations:

“Everybody knows he’s a liar.”

“You were the worst president America ever had.”

“We have become weaker, poorer sicker, and more violent. On his watch.”

“He’s Putin’s puppy.”

He tried to push Trump around:

“Will you shut up!”

Meanwhile Biden denied every accusation, baselessly claiming things were, “totally, thoroughly discredited.”

Biden was intentionally malicious. Beginning to end. But one flimflam stands out. Even die-hard Democrats have to face that Biden knew his Charlottesville, VA, accusation is a lie. Video evidence long ago exposed it.

Biden’s plan subverted the presidential debate and kept from his Democrat supporters facts they deserved. Biden left them little or nothing legitimate to support.


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Mike Corbett

Once again, the Sentinel's editorial writer must have watched a different debate than I did. I hope that no one out there takes this editorial as accurate representation of the debate - because it is not. Most who watched the debate agree it was thoroughly embarrassing, but 70% of the interruptions were by Trump. What is even worse, is that most of Trump's comments were not correct and had been thoroughly fact-checked earlier as false statements.

Trump's performance leaves little doubt the only way to hold a debate in the future will be with the principles in separate rooms with the microphones controlled by the moderator.

When you vote in November, please base your vote on facts, and not drivel like this.

Thursday, October 1, 2020