Thoughts on collectivism


You may not be interested in collectivism, but collectivists are reforming you to comply with their controlling vision.

Educationist planners see “Epistemically Secure Society” (ESS) as a semantic tool for them to foist “Shared Reality” on the rest of us. The object is to manipulate us through contrived panics and fear.

In their view, demonstrably provable factual events will no longer be allowed to be disseminated in Social Media, Education, or Corporate News.

They want to manage how you are allowed to think —like the Chinese Communist through their “Cancel Culture.” For them, facts may be true, but not allowed if they deviate from the desired narrative. For them, they cannot deviate from Capital ‘K’ Knowledge that Standards require in schools.

Their “Totally Pedagogized Society” (TPS) pushes perception and motivation that molds an approved set of neural filters to guide future decision-making.

To them, a good citizen is not one who thinks, but one who is approved. One who isn’t sanctioned on Twitter, corrected on Facebook, drummed off campus, or not allowed to home school.

If you can accept the government
projects that follow, you may avoid ESS and TPS retraining:

• Election fraud with no legal remedy,

• Identity politics at the expense of the individual,

• Unfalsifiable allegations of systemic racism,

• Double standard application of laws by officials,

• Arbitrary suppression of the

• Mask mandates without proof of

• Allocation of scarce medicine by
unscientific social views, and

• Lockdowns that cause greater economic and personal destruction than justified.

ESS- and TPS-types justify their actions claiming to favor shared values and community. Burt beneath their lofty words, they grasp for control rather than community. They apply rules their way and overloud social pressure designed to herd citizens to do their bidding.

Their activities in our country are not “misguided.” They are subversive. They are false appeals to community directed to eliminate individual intellect, creativity, and courage necessary tot create community each of us can validate for ourselves and choose to support.


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jon roewer

It's time "tot" go. Bye.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020
Mike Corbett

Wow. This sounds like it was written by someone who edits Associated Press articles to ensure his readers only see what he considers facts. Sad.

Wednesday, January 6
Mike corbett

So today we had Trump calling the election stolen and encouraging his supporters to commit violence. Which group do they fall into? They believe a man who has lied more than any other person known to man. They believe someone who has called his election stolen when there has been no evidence presented which supports that? But that doesn’t matter, his supporters have vandalized the Capitol.

Think about this. If you believe Trump, you really need to check your facts.

Wednesday, January 6