Thoughts on accountability


Voters have to dig deeper than what politicians say. The recent suggestion that a different Congress is needed to hold Donald Trump in check is nothing more than contrived #Resistance circus.

Trump was elected to hold both sides of Congress accountable for past sins, to tame a weaponized bureaucracy, to clean grit holding back the economy, and to remind legislating judges that their job is to interpret law, not make it.

This week the Washington Examiner reminded readers that for each of the last 20 years Congress has failed to pass legitimate appropriation bills. Democrats and RINOs — Republicans-In-Name-Only — instead passed bloated, unfocused omnibus resolutions.

Trump told Congress after they passed the last continuing resolution that he would not sign another. This year, nine of 12 appropriation bills have been passed and the rest are likely to be passed soon.

Under the narrative that they want to hold Trump accountable, some want to return to when Congress was not held accountable.

No thank you:

The continuing resolutions of Congress let our military fall into disrepair.

Congress failed to address the imbalance of paying for NATO, the abuse of American funding of the United Nations, or seek practical answers to North Korea short of war.

They did not object when Obama entered into international agreements like the climate accord and the Iran deal that should have required Senate approval.

Congress didn’t call other countries to account for unfair trade practices the WTO was unwilling or unable to correct or address poor global trade agreements that put America at a disadvantage.

Congress didn’t throttle back oppressive unnecessary regulation leaving sensible regulation in its place. It failed to arrest the weaponization of government agencies like the IRS and EPA.

Congress didn’t legislate a proper immigration policy back when Obama proposed his extra-legal DACA policy. Trump put Congress’ feet to the fire and still it hasn’t passed decent immigration legislation.

Congress did not object when the previous administration wiretapped reporters and members of Congress.

The passionate intensity of the narratives amplified by the major media is designed to overload your senses. If they can fog your brain, they can regain power.

Obama said the country would never see a 3% economic growth with Trump in office. Now he claims that he is the reason for Trump’s 4% economic growth. Both are said with a straight face and both are “reported” as news.

The real news is the possibility of Nancy Pelosi and her ilk regaining the speakership of the House of Representatives.

Trump has exposed people on both sides of the aisle who govern for themselves rather than for voters and the country. Forced to deal with Trump, politicians, bureaucrats, pundits, consultants, talking heads, and others exposed that they promise one thing only to deliver for themselves.

As a blogger recently noted, Trump’s successes show something different. “Every one of these items returns power, money, sovereignty and influence back to the American people and their elected representatives and restores each branch and level of government to its proper role.”

After the midterms, Trump might continue to drain the swamp. And the slackers don’t like it.

— sbwaters


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