The Women’s Imaging Center at RMH says early detection is key


With October being breast cancer awareness month, The Women’s Imaging Center at Rome Memorial Hospital is reminding patients to not let care lag due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

Patients are able to receive services and health and safety measures have been implemented, said Linda Lyon, a nursing navigator at the center.

Lyon said early detection is key in detecting and implementing an action plan to combat breast cancer.

She often first sees a patient after imaging has detected a mass and they are being referred for a biopsy.

Lyon’s position, which was launched by the hospital around 2011, serves to walk patients through the process of detection, diagnosis and treatment of the cancer.

This is achieved through in-depth meetings at the request of patients where time is spent in a relaxed setting answering questions and reviewing again any treatment options discussed with a doctor.

Lyon said often times even after a lengthy conversation with a doctor, patients may think of something later, and Lyon can pitch in as a resource.

“I can allay a person’s fears at the beginning of the process,” she said, adding that patients are often caught off guard when a mass is found during the initial imaging process.

Lyon said breast cancer, now with a multitude of treatment options available, is not a death sentence. 

“It’s very manageable,” she said.

She estimates that 60 to 70 percent of the time, initial patient questions at the time of biopsy center around what will happen if the sample comes back positive. What are the next steps?

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