The Beeches — end of an era


The recent announcement regarding the closing of the Beeches took my wife and me off our feet! It was so upsetting to us that I felt compelled to sit down and write this letter. We have such a connection to that establishment over the years and so many fond memories. Le me elaborate with a few examples:

1. We have always been supportive of the Beeches, having had four wedding receptions and numerous showers there.

2. I have always booked the Beeches for our RFA class reunions, which helped relive all of those wonderful memories of the past.

3. We have attended numerous functions there, for friends and relatives.

4. We participated in and remember the extravagant New Year’s parties that were held there — I mean extravagant.

5. I also remember the “Roman Gladiators” — a group of men that celebrated life together, traveling to Italy several times, using the Beeches as their home base. (My father was a member of this esteemed group.)

6. I especially want to highlight “The Beeches Inn” (the Paul Revere Motel), which has a special place in my heart. After my discharge from the Army I worked the midnight shift there as a reservation clerk while attending college. I had so many crazy and hilarious experiences in this position, too numerous to mention here.

Because of my job there I was fortunate to meet a wonderful girl who later became my wife of 55 years. My wife and I continue to visit the motel every Sunday morning via the breakfast room. We also have breakfast there during the summer when all our family comes to Rome. Sometimes there are upwards of 21 of us. The waitresses are very kind and patient, and we have really come to know and appreciate them.

Every Wednesday morning a group of retired school administrators meet here for breakfast. We have been doing this for years and though our numbers have dwindled we continue to this day.

The staff at the Beeches and the Destito family have to be commended for their outstanding service to the community. They have served our area with professionalism and integrity for over 100 years. Personally they have always been receptive to our needs and very diligent in the handling of all details and we sincerely thank them. My wife and I will miss the Beeches and Paul Revere and we shall never forget the memories there that have enhanced our lives.

We wish the Destito family the best of everything that is good.

— Bud and Alice Fiore, Rome


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