Thanks to pair for their help


On Jan. 3, I came to the Rome YMCA to pick up my husband. After he got into the car I was getting in, and a young gentleman approached me and said I had a flat tire. To my surprise I did.

I have road service and I believe it was his father who was in their vehicle who said he would help me. He got out and got a portable compressor to put air in it, so I could get somewhere to get it checked. He proceeded to do that. I was able to go to Midas on the boulevard, which services my car.

They found a piece of pointed metal in my tire. They were able to fix it and we proceeded to Verona. I was grateful it happened there and not on Route 365.

My point is I never got a name so I could properly thank them. I know they were Hispanic as they spoke the language to each other and the boy told me what he said.

I would hope I could find out and let them know how much we appreciated their help. God bless perfect strangers and what a lesson that boy learned that day from the person he was with.

— Mary J. Alessi, Verona


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