Thank Rep. Tenney for no vote on rescue plan


I would like to respond to the letter of March 17 condemning Rep. Claudia Tenney’s no vote on the American Rescue plan.

I say thank you, Rep. Tenney, for your no vote.

This bill is another blatant example of the Democrats throwing money at problems while slipping huge spending projects into the bill that have little or nothing to do with helping the American people.

I look at this latest round of stimulus checks as a diversion to keep people from looking too closely at the crisis on our southern border.

As with so many issues, President Biden, with the sweep of his pen and the flap of his lips has created a catastrophe. This total wave of people is creating a dangerous situation for the immigrants themselves by overwhelming the programs and facilities at the border. The other very real problem is the danger to all Americans from the diseases (COVID included), drugs and criminal element that this rush to the border is bringing.

Those in power today with the aid of the mainstream media and big tech are brainwashing the American public into thinking everything is fine. It is not, and a check from Joe Biden isn’t going to make it better.

I won’t send my check back, but I will use it to pay for the increasing cost of gasoline and groceries. Thanks Joe.

— Colleen Jeroszko,
Lee Center


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