Tenney outlines no vote for short-term spending bill


On Wednesday, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, R-22, New Hartford, voted against H.R. 5305, a short-term spending bill that raises the debt limit, according to a release from her office.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is telling Congress that the Treasury Department will likely exhaust all of its “extraordinary measures” to avoid an unprecedented default on the government’s obligations by Oct. 18.

“Today I voted against providing Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi with a blank check to add trillions more in reckless spending to our national debt and raise taxes on hardworking New Yorkers. In past years, Republicans and Democrats came together to address the debt ceiling and fund the government,” Tenney said in a statement.

Tenney’s remarks continued, “...But under Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer have prioritized a bitterly partisan agenda that has completely shut Republicans out of the process. If Democrats want to unilaterally add trillions in wasteful spending to our Nation’s debt through a partisan process with no input, accountability, or transparency, then they bear the sole responsibility of addressing the consequences of their disastrous policies.”


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