COLUMN: Sweet Marcie seeks quiet home


Greetings all!

I am Marcie, pleased to introduce myself! I am a 2-year-old orange and white tiger cat who has been living at the shelter since August (I can’t believe it’s been this long). I would say I am definitely a very patient cat but I really am hoping that being in the spotlight gets me some attention.

I was brought in with my kittens and I was a bit nervous and wary of this different environment but I am doing much better now. I do have to have my “safe space” and am very comfortable in my nice, cozy cage. I love to be on top of the grey cat house and would happily lounge there all day.

I am seeking a person or family who will make me feel loved and protected. A quiet home would be the best, one that would allow me to slowly come out of my shell. Thank you!

- Love, Marcie

Winston says: Hi Marcie! My goodness, you came into the shelter in the hot month of August and are still there in chilly December. Readers! We can’t have this. Please come down and visit Marcie and see if she’s a match for you and your family!

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