LETTER: Support Ukraine in unprovoked war


Good people, fellow Americans — Ukraine might seem to us like a far-off distant place; its people, language, and customs may differ from ours.  But the Ukrainian people are our brothers and sisters in liberty, and now they are in a desperate fight to protect and save the same freedoms we cherish so deeply.  They are standing tall against a tyranny that threatens us all, and because they do this, they are now suffering the scourges of an unprovoked war perpetrated by Russia.

Friends, we are all one people in liberty; Ukraine’s anguish is our anguish, their struggle is our struggle, their battle is our battle!  We cannot watch from the sidelines as others take up the fight to secure freedom in the world.  We must act swiftly to support their cause because it is our cause too.  We must stand with Ukraine and alongside those who oppose tyranny before we find ourselves standing alone!

I urge you to declare your support for the people of Ukraine!  Provide whatever assistance you can, whether raising awareness through peaceful demonstrations, speaking to your elected officials, donating money, or other material goods.  Please be generous with your time and contributions; the people of Ukraine are already doing all they can, shouldering the heaviest burden, making the ultimate sacrifice for freedom!”

— Scott Bolen, Barneveld 


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