Support State Health Act to provide quality insurance


I’m going to lose my health insurance soon. 

My health insurance is tied to my employer. I am ending my employment before July, which means my health insurance will also end. Now it’s time to wade through the various options on the New York Health Marketplace — weighing pros and cons against our current health needs. It’s hours of research and planning all while hoping my next employer offers decent health insurance.

This isn’t a guarantee. In fact, my current employer offers subpar health insurance. I spent a lot of money and 18 months trying to fix a $35,000 mistake made by the insurance provider. Also, my employer switched dental insurance providers this year and the closest in-network dentist taking new patients is an hour away. 

These are my experiences and I know there are many worse health-care insurance stories. How is this the case in the United States in 2021?

I support the New York Health Act [A6058 / S5474]. This bill will set up comprehensive health coverage for every resident and full-time worker in New York. The coverage includes primary, preventive, and specialty care; hospitalization; mental health; substance use treatment; reproductive health; dental, vision, and hearing; long-term care; prescription drugs and medical supplies. 

Another plus? The freedom to choose: I can choose the nurses and doctors I want and make healthcare decisions with me, not insurance companies. I could, say, go to the dentist in Rome and not Minoa.

I call upon State Sen. Joseph Griffo and Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon to support the New York Health Act. It is time for us to have affordable and quality health insurance. 

— Brian Lothridge, Rome 


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