Support Fogel and Flemma for judgeships


Danielle Fogel has practiced law in our community for over 16 years. She is an experienced trial lawyer who has spent her entire career advocating for clients in State Supreme Court matters involving civil litigation. Experience really matters for a Supreme Court seat; she has it and is not just another politician just running for a judgeship. Also, Danielle currently serves as President of the Onondaga County Bar Association and is a past president of the Central New York Women’s Bar Association.

Then there is Jason Flemma running for Family Court judge in Oneida County. I have known Jason Flemma for a number of years; he is a hard working, honest attorney with many years experience in Family Court matters. He currently serves as court attorney for Julia M. Brouillette, Family Court judge, Oneida County, and has served her court for a number of years.

Experience, integrity and work ethics matter when running for judge; these two fine Republican judge candidates have it and I urge voters in all of Oneida County to elect Danielle Fogel and Jason Flemma on Election Day, November 2nd.

— James Zecca, Utica


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