Support Brindisi and protect the environment


Don’t you think our government should be overseeing contamination to our precious water and air? It’s not happening.

The Environmental Protection Agency under Scott Pruitt, and fully approved by Donald Trump, is assaulting the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts. The EPA is breaking the law by ignoring deadlines and delaying the clean up of toxic pollution around the country. The Trump administration also is limiting the determination of health risks associated with the most dangerous chemicals available. In other words, Pruitt, Trump, and the Republican lawmakers have decided that the potential risks to all of us of hundreds of toxic chemicals in our air and water will not even be evaluated. 

Bizarrely, the top regulators for the current EPA come from the chemical and fossil fuel industries. Company executives — regulating their own industries! How dishonest is that? Common sense demands that scientists and policy makers outside of the industries should be overseeing these industries. Instead, Pruitt and Trump have handed the chemical industries a big win. 

It is crucial that we elect a Democratic Congress that will resist the rollback of crucial regulations that protect our health and that of future generations. Support Anthony Brindisi, Democratic candidate for Congress, and bring back sensible protections. Send Claudia Tenney home, and end this tragic assault on our health. We all benefit from common sense oversight of our environment!

— Sharon Williams, Clinton


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