Student winners in 2022 AFRL Challenge


Earning top places in the 2022 AFRL Challenge are:

1st Place: Seth Brownrigg and Eamon Miller, Central Valley Academy (Advisers: Wes Laurion and Kelly Long);

2nd Place: Kenneth Davis and Colyn Seeley, Rome Free Academy (Adviser: Albert Bangs);

3rd Place: Sean Hyde and Joshua Suber, Westmoreland High School (Adviser: Nicholas Darrah);

4th Place: Kaleb Lanz and Jonathan Litwak, Oneida High School (Adviser: Pete Gillander).

The students competed for college scholarships. The first-place team each received a $3,000 scholarship, the second-place team members each received a $2,000 scholarship, the third-place team received a $1,000 scholarship each, and the fourth-place team each received a $500 scholarship.

Honorable mention:

• Madison Oneida BOCES — Students Dylan Snow and Caulin Young-Oster; Advisor: Michael Briggs.

• Thomas R. Proctor High School — Students: Jonathan Howard and Hsa Moo Paw; Advisor: Jessica Dubois

Source: Griffiss Institute

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