Storage unit proposal tabled


The Common Council passed an amended version of the long-tabled zoning code changes in its meeting on Wednesday night.

The proposed zoning code changes included tweaks to permitted land use on Griffiss, and set rules for the use of shipping containers and tractor trailers as long-term storage units.

The legislation held that residents could use such receptacles for temporary storage for 14 days. Any period of use longer than two weeks would require a temporary use permit from the Codes Department.

Per the city charter, the Planning Board met Tuesday to review the proposed changes ahead of the council’s vote. The board recommended increasing that grace period from 14 days to 90 for inside district properties, and to make the period indefinite in the outside district.

Councilor Kimberly Rogers, R-3, took issue with the board’s proposal on Wednesday.

“Essentially, (under the Planning Board recommendations,) there would be a permanent exception for storage containers in the outside district,” she said. “I think it’s tough to create a temporary use ordinance that has an infinite use exception, right? Then it becomes a permanent use.”

“I think that it would be prudent for us to make an amendment to remove the section on the temporary standards and the tractor trailer section but pass the rest of it,” she said.

The council tabled the temporary use guidelines, and passed the Griffiss updates as originally written.

Councilors also passed two bonding measures.

The first authorizes the administration to borrow $3,461,000 for street repairs, though Councilor Frank Anderson said he doesn’t expect the city to need to do so.

“It’s anticipated thecity will receive approximately a little over $1 million in CHIPS (Consolidated Local Street and Highway Imrovement Program) money, PAVE-NY, winter recovery grants, and part of it is CDBG funds,” he said. “So althought we’re authroizing the issuance of over $3 million in bonds, hopefully at the end of the day it’s a lot less.”

The second bond issuance for $1,121,000 will cover the purchase of:

A six wheel dump truck with front and wing plows, a salter, and a Rexroth Salt System — $216,000.

A six wheel dump truck alley truck with front plow — $150,000.

A 10-wheel dump truck with front and wing plows, a salter, and a Rexroth Salt System — $230,000.

A one-ton dump truck with front plow — $100,000.

A roof replacement for the salt barnat the City Yard — $90,000.

HVAC Software for City Hall — $55,000.

Replacement wells for the city landfill — $100,000.

An evidence collection vehicle for the Police Department — $45,000.

Reconstruction of the Laurel Street Fire Station — $45,000.

A heat pump for the DDSO building — $20,000.

A stake rack truck — $40,000.

Traffic controller systems — $20,000.

Also passed by the council last week:

A resolution permitting Rome to join municipal purchasing collective Sourcewell.

Two rehabilitation agreements with the purchasers of city-owned properties at 116 McAvoy Avenue ($25,000) and 815 Elm Street ($7,500).

The sale of one city-owned property at 502 Mayberry Road for $1,500.

To view the agenda, or to hear an audio recording of the meeting, visit


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